Cowboy's Camp Candle

Midnight Campfire, Dirty Denim, Tobacco, Horsehair, and Sappy Pine


The Cowboy is the embodiment of the Wild West. He lives for starry nights, story-telling rituals, and bustling camp fires. His best friend is his horse, and nothing fits him better than a pair of 501 Levi’s jeans. His base camp is an olfactory harmony of sweet hay, night blooming jasmine, tobacco leaves, and weathered leather. When he packs up to leave, the pine trees in the distance rekindle his wanderlust. He jumps back in the saddle and heads due west.

Aromatically nuanced candles made from botanical waxes, fine perfume, and natural essential oils. Small batch pours in large 12 ounce milk glass vessels, double braided cotton wicks, and long clean burns. Exquisitely adorned with letterpress art and hand-crafted packaging. 60 exuberant hours of light, & scent.