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Meet Heather Trilling

Heather Trilling is the principal and founder of Trilling Landscape & Design, a successful landscape design and build construction company in Los Angeles. With nearly 20 years of experience, Heather has added an exciting new aspect to her portfolio by creating Lumber + Linen (L+L), an outdoor lifestyle company. Here you'll find a curated collection that brings beauty, mindfulness, and elegance to your everyday life.

From Heather 

What does lumber mean to me?

Raw, Organic, Natural, Earthy, Imperfect, Structure, Anchor, Ages, Classic, Timeless, Bones, Grounding

What does linen mean to me?

Soft, Comfortable, Luxe, Chic, Fun, Sustainable, Comfort, Relaxed, Imperfectly Perfect

What are lumber and linen products?

All things that enrich our lives in our down time. Time to connect, restore, live a life enjoyed outside.

I believe in the beauty of the garden to serve as our place to connect, restore, and live a life enjoyed. Your outdoor home is calling you to come and enjoy, unwind, share with all of your Beloved.

Lumber is organic and grounding and imperfect. It's the anchor, the structure, the destination.  Trellises, outdoor rooms, decks, fences, furniture, all start with wood. Wood has grains that tell stories of time much like our own lives. We have memories that reflect all our moments. Lumber likens to the garden and function of how we live in our outdoor space.

Linen reflects all the parts of our outdoor spaces that invite you to stay awhile. Not just the fabrics on your furniture but everything that ignites the senses. From the textured outdoor pot to the candles to the favorite book enjoyed in a hammock under the sun.

Together lumber and linen represent a life well lived on the daily in our home.

Both steeped in a natural beauty unabashed.

What do we stand for/value?

We believe in inclusion.

Gardens are all so unique just like each of us. Gardens bloom without comparison or exclusion. Gardens thrive with attention on embracing diversity.

Gardens give back to us through flowers, food, homes for birds and bees, and shelter.

As we plant gardens and help create beautiful outdoor spaces we also believe in the power of healing people and communities. If you think of all the most beautiful things in the world you will find them outside, flowers, sunsets, butterflies, stars, bodies of water.

We know beauty and calm is defined very specifically to everyone in their own Way. Our goal is to help every customer tap into what they need for their life in the outdoors. We strive for that with each purchase.

We partner with local and international partners striving to heal others and provide hope for creating support for community. We are better together and we strive to serve.

Some organizations we serve:

Homeboy Industries

Love Does

Defy Industries

Plywood People