A 1000 x Better | A Rebel by Design | Kirsten Blazek

Blazek’s company, A 1000 X Better, takes a holistic approach to design, prioritizing individuality while also emphasizing sustainability, from repurposing existing pieces and materials to sourcing eco-friendly products. Her interiors combine contemporary design elements with vintage pieces, resulting in a modern and warm sensibility.

In this book, Blazek breaks down her design philosophy into chapters that help us to articulate what we’re looking for and show us how we can create spaces that are comfortable, stylish, and personal. Blazek reveals her favorite interiors while sharing her fundamental design elements: color theory, layering of texture and pattern, and the importance of art and personally meaningful objects.

The result is a range of interiors and styles, illustrating how these elements might be translated into our own spaces. Blazek’s blend of traditional and contemporary design along with personal and custom touches results in the type of inviting and livable spaces that we all aspire to.