Adult Tree Swing – Reclaimed Wood Bench Swing

The Original Bench Swing is just what the name describes; an old-fashioned rope swing, simple yet beautiful.

The Original Bench Swing is hand made from reclaimed Ash. Each swing seat is made from one solid piece of wood that is kiln dried, sanded and finished with a coat of Thompson’s Weather Sealer to help protect it from the elements and bring out the woods natural beauty. Two ¾” light brown polypropylene ropes are then hand spliced (woven) to the seat. The tan polypropylene rope we use is designed to blend in with its natural surroundings and compliment landscaping. It is meant to only be seen when someone is enjoying it.

Original Tree Swing and build memories that will last a lifetime. 

* 300 lb weight limit - Ages 3+

Size & Materials: Our swing seats are made from a single piece of Ash, which is an incredibly strong and durable hardwood. Swing seats measure 24” long, 8" wide and a sturdy 1 ¾” thick. Our rope is ¾” diameter light brown polypropylene. This rope is smooth to the touch, shrink, stretch, rot, UV resistant and just generally looks and holds up better than sisal, manila, or pro manila rope.

Care: We recommend that you apply a coat of Thompson’s Weather Sealer at least each spring and fall to help protect your swing from the elements and inspect the rope to ensure it has not been rubbing where it's attached.