Aromatic Mist

Directions -  Please shake before use. Begin by bringing awareness to your breath. Spritz your mist around your face, shoulders, and personal space. As you breathe in your aromatic mist, you may repeat the affirmation on your bottle or integrate your breathing.

Ground | aromatic description: earthy, woody, warm, deep | chakra: Muladhara (root) located at the base of the spine. Color: red.

Love | aromatic description: sweet, floral, inviting, warm | chakra: Anahata (heart) located at the heart. Color: green.

Radiate | aromatic description: uplifting, fresh, minty, cool | chakra: Manipura (solar plexus) located above the navel. Color: yellow. 

Clarity | aromatic description: purifying, refreshing, cool, activating |  chakra: Vishuddha (throat) located at the base of the throat. Color: blue.

Focus | aromatic description: woodsy, earthy, spicy, clear | chakra: Ajna (third eye) located between your eyebrows. Color: indigo.


3.4oz/100ml | for external use only 

Do not ingest. Do not use when pregnant. Take caution with young children and elderly as they can be more sensitive to essential oils.