Beem Collection

BEEM by Heatsail is an outdoor light with heating and misting option. Available in four sizes.

  • Control light, heating and cooling separately
  • Two different heating settings
  • FAR-infared technology
  • Remote control included for lighting and heating
  • Light dimmable with remote
  • Powder coasted aluminium profile, can stay outside whole year long
  • 100% Electric, 3240 Watt or 4320 Watt
  • Standard colours are Midnight and Snow
  • Optional: misting/cooling
  • Optional: cable mounting option
  • CE, IEC approved and SGS listed UL and CAN/CSA standards
  • Outdoor light with heating

Enjoy every day and evening sitting outside with family and friends even when it gets colder outside. Appreciate the experience, the place and the moments you create outside. Even when you’re not outside the BEEM is a great eye-catcher to your space.

The BEEM is designed and made in Belgium.

Request a quote and our team can help you enhance your outdoor space.