Globe Grapevine Hummingbird Bird Nest Starter

Our 4" Globe Grapevine Hummingbird Bird Nest Nesting Ball is made with 100% Raw Alpaca Fiber. Each item comes with an attached hang tag with information/directions for use. No other packaging is included.

Treat your birds! All natural grapevine ball filled with alpaca fiber! Hang it outside under a tree or near a bird feeder for the birds. The birds will pull the fiber from the ball and use it to build their nests. It is best to hang it outside before nesting season. Because it is made of all natural materials, it is fine for the ball to get wet! It will dry out again over time. Or, use it indoors as an ornament or table decoration! 4” ball stuffed with up to 3 oz of 100% alpaca fiber Fiber Colors may vary within each ball (our choice) Birds and bird lovers will appreciate this thoughtful gift! These are handmade from 100% pure alpaca fiber.