Homecourt | Surface Cleaner

A clean formula for the cleanest counters. A concentrated spray that lifts away dirt, smudges, and grease without leaving streaks or residue.

- Coconut-derived degreaser to dissolve grease and loosen debris
- Mediterranean cypress oil to purify 

Directions: Spray directly onto non-porous surfaces, including finished wood, tile, sealed stone, stainless steel, and granite. Loosen grease and debris with a lint-free cloth, sponge, or towel, and wipe away any excess moisture. 

Cece -  Cedarwood smoke, sweet cardamom, cinnamon, and white leather. 

Cipres Mint -  A heady, aromatic blend of invigorating green herbs steeped with sugar and a touch of crisp citrus and earthy woods.

Neroli Leaf - Crisp and bright, a blend of sparkling apple and neroli blossoms, crushed basil leaves, and jasmine petals. Recalls a grove of flowering citrus trees. 

Steeped Rose - An unadulterated floral that captures the uplifting character of its namesake bloom.


Size: 16 oz / 473 ml