Ladies' Cabin Candle

Aromatically nuanced candles made from botanical waxes, fine perfume, and natural essential oils. Small batch pours in large 12 ounce milk glass vessels, double braided cotton wicks, and long clean burns. Exquisitely adorned with letterpress art and hand-crafted packaging. 60 exuberant hours of light, & scent.

Field Flowers, Chopped Logs, Summer Herbs, & a Flowing River


The ladies of the cabin all wear cotton dresses and collect wildflowers in pale purple mason jars. They braid each other’s hair as they sit on chunky logs covered with ladybugs and soft moss. Their secret forest hide away made from dovetailed cedar, is loved for the fresh air, surrounding evergreens, honeysuckle, wild blue bells, and tall grass. The nearby lemon grove provides them with an endless supply of food, drink, and medicine. Here in this cabin, they have everything they need.