Single | Lisos Optik

The Lisos Collection is defined by classic and tasteful design. Taking a minimalist approach to the use of clean and bold colors, and embracing a 'less is more' mentality. 

One Lilo; cover and inflatable. USB Rechargeable pump.

OJ Storage Strap

OJ Lilo Bag

OJ Pump Bag

Owner's Manual

Industry Leading Quality and Performance

Oliver James Lilos share a passion for design, craft, and technology. Woven outdoor performance fabrics and soft-to-touch TPU inflatable film create a secure, long-lasting luxury pool float that inflates with seamless movement and precision-engineered design. 

Our covers are in industry-leading outdoor performance fabrics. These beautiful woven materials create a luxurious feel of unparalleled quality. 

Our inflatables are made of thick, puncture-proof, rubberized TPU Polyurethane Film, the most durable and recyclable material currently available for inflatables. The texture means that your Lilo has all the benefits of an inflatable but feels palatial. 

One year full warranty on parts. Shipping and Duties included. All our covers are removable and machine washable.