Writing Game Writers Prompts 101

Enjoy this fun writing-on-the-fly game - with insightful & improvisational prompts. Learn more about yourself & each other through the sharing of stories and memories. Play alone or in a group. When you feel inspired – or need to be!
Perfect for non-writers & accomplished writers & everyone in between. 
101 prompts per game.

Sample Prompts:
- Write about what you would tell your 5 year old self.
- Imagine a photograph of yourself as a child and describe who you were.
- Write about things you can’t throw away even though you never use them.
Writers Prompts 101 - Great for group gatherings or even to play solo! Thoughtful prompts - exercises to craft stories & share. Host picks a stick which offers 2 prompts. Each writer chooses the prompt they wish to write about. Timer is set for 8 minutes. On your mark, get set, write...

What's Included
• 1 Writing Game Wrap
 Contains 101 Writing Prompt Sticks